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MULTIPLY-Change in Application Process-UPDATE

Till Call 4, it was required that Scientists-in-charge NOT co-author proposals with the Applicants. All Applicants were to be provided with a standard document detailing the infrastructure from the Host Organisation, to be used by the Applicants to develop their proposals (see Point 3,

There is now a modification of the rules, in relation to the extent of involvement of the Host Organisation in  writing of the proposal.

From Call 5 onwards, should the Applicant request so, the Host Organisation is allowed to help the Applicant in structuring the proposal while ensuring that the inputs and suggestions in no way influence or seek to redirect the original idea of research as proposed by the Applicant. It is still expected that the Applicant propose their own idea for the proposal.

The Application Process, as presented earlier (see remains unchanged otherwise.

If you have any questions, please write to the Programme Manager, Dr. Srikanth Sugavanam, at


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