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MULTIPLY-Changes in Application Process

In the light of recent directives issued by the European Commission, the following changes in the MULTIPLY Application process are effective immediately.

Please note, these changes will apply to submissions made in Call 2, which is currently open.

The changes are as follows.

1. Designated point of contact

All Host Organisations have now a single point of contact, who can be approached via the Expression of Interest portal. These points of contact will further redirect the Applicant’s Expression of Interest within their organisations.

2. Confirmation of Availability of Infrastructural Resources from the Host Organisation

Feedback received by the Applicant from the Host Organisation will be in the form of Confirmation of Availability of Infrastructural Resources for the Proposed Project. This is to help the Applicant decide whether the infrastructure provided by the host organisation meets their research and professional development needs.

The extent of alignment (necessary vs. existing resources/equipment/capacity, including capacity to address ethical issues) will be confirmed by the host as

  • Inadequate,
  • Partial with shortcomings which cannot be addressed,
  • Partial with shortcomings that can be addressed, OR
  • Sufficient.

The Host Organisation will provide a complete justification, should they indicate the extent of alignment other than sufficient.

Please note, this Statement of Infrastructural Alignment provided by the Host Organisation will not be an expression of preference, recommendation or approval on part of the host organisation.

3. Applicants will develop their scientific idea and research plan independently, and write the MULTIPLY Project Proposal on their own.

Scientists-in-charge will NOT co-author proposals with the Applicants. All Applicants will be provided with a standard document detailing the infrastructure from the Host Organisation, to be used by the Applicants to develop their proposals.

4. ALL Applicants approaching a Host Organisation of their choice (which is participating in the Call) will be encouraged to write and submit their proposal via the MULTIPLY Portal.

In other words, there will be no pre-selection of any form.

While the Host Organisation will provide an initial feedback on the extent of infrastructural alignment, it will be the decision of the applicant to submit a proposal with them.

Note that as before, only one submission per applicant will be accepted.

The Host Organization will provide a signed Confirmation of Extent of Infrastructural Alignment, which will then be submitted along with the finalized proposal via the MULTIPLY Portal.

The submitted proposal will be reviewed by the independent Experts and the Evaluation and Selection Committee, in light of the Host Organisation statement of infrastructural alignment.

Application flowchart



If you have further questions, please write directly to the Programme Manager, Dr. Srikanth Sugavanam, at

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