How to Apply – Outgoing MULTIPLY Fellowships

If you would like to opt for an Outgoing MULTIPLY Fellowship – that is, MULTIPLY Fellowship with a Third Country, here are the steps to follow.

You will find more details about each step in the links provided within, and the MULTIPLY Guide for Applicants.

Step 1 – Find your Host Organization
MULTIPLY Partner Organizations who are actively looking to recruit fellows in this call are listed on the MULTIPLY Home Page. You are welcome to enquire with any MULTIPLY Partner Organization in this list via the Expression of Interest Portal.


MULTIPLY Host Finder App

Full List of Partner Organizations

Step 2 – Check your eligibility
MULTIPLY requires you to fulfil certain criteria based on mobility and research experience. You can quickly check whether you qualify on grounds of these criteria using our online eligibility check questionnaire. You can also visit our web-pages providing a quick overview of the eligibility criteria, or refer to the MULTIPLY Guide for Applicants for full details.

If you are looking to opt for a host organization located in a Third Country (i.e. a country which is outside of the EU), you will need to fulfil additional eligibility criteria, such as being a national or long term resident of an EU MS/AC.

Online MULTIPLY Eligibility Check MULTIPLY Eligibility Criteria MULTIPLY Guide for Applicants

Step 3 – Arrange your European Host Organization

You will only be able to apply to a Third Country Host Organization (i.e. located outside Europe) if simultaneously you will also have an employment contract from a European Host Organization for the duration of the MULYTIPLY Fellowship. If you are currently employed at a European research institution then the most likely European Host Organization willing and able to provide this contract will probably be your current employer. The contract from the European Host Organization can take the form of a secondment leave. Your European Host Organization will have to sign and declare their ability to provide such a contract alongside your intended Third Country Host Organization. It is therefore important to involve them early on in this process.

We urge all candidates considering this mobility route to get in touch with the MULTIPLY Management team as early as possible for further guidance.

Online MULTIPLY Eligibility Check

MULTIPLY Guide for Applicants

Link to EU-MS/AC country list

Step 4 – Initiate contact with the (Third Country) Host Organization
Once you have confirmed that you are eligible, you can proceed to directly contact the host of your choice using our Expression of Interest Portal. This is an online contact form that acts as the first point of contact between you, the fellow, and the MULTIPLY Partner Organization. The portal will allow you to detail your research background and research idea or topic of interest to the host. We strongly recommend using this portal, as the MULTIPLY Management team will keep track of all enquiries raised via this channel, and will be able to offer assistance if deemed necessary.

This step will also help the host organization provide feedback whether the infrastructural resources available with them will be appropriate to support your research activity.

The extent of alignment (necessary vs. existing resources/equipment/capacity, including capacity to address ethical issues) will be confirmed by the host as

  • Inadequate,
  • Partial with shortcomings which cannot be addressed,
  • Partial with shortcomings that can be addressed, OR
  • Sufficient.

The Host Organisation will provide a complete justification, should they indicate the extent of alignment other than sufficient.

Please note, all applicants approaching a Host Organization will be encouraged to submit a proposal. In other words, there will be no pre-selection in any form. The decision to apply with a given Host Organization solely rests with the applicant.

Online MULTIPLY Eligibility Check

Expression of Interest Portal

Step 5 – Start preparing your proposal
Starting from Call 2, Scientists-in-charge at the host organisations will NOT co-author proposals with the Applicants. After initial point of contact, all Applicants will be provided with a standard document detailing the infrastructure from the Host Organisation, to be used by the Applicants to develop their proposals.

After initial discussions of the Scientist in Charge at the Host Organization and receiving their feedback on available infrastructure, you can start preparing your MULTIPLY proposal.

The proposal template is available on our website in the MULTIPLY Application Pack Section. Refer to the MULTIPLY Research and Training Framework when preparing your proposal. If your proposed fellowship period is more than a year, then you would be required to include obligatory placement periods. Consult with your host when preparing this section of the proposal. Also, you will be required to submit an ethics self-assessment along with your proposal, so it is advisable to start thinking about possible ethics related issues that may arise in your project as early as possible.

P lease note, research topics involving work with Human Embryo and Stem Cells (hESC) are not permitted within MULTIPLY.

MULTIPLY Proposal Template

Obligatory Placements

MULTIPLY Research and Training Framework

Ethics Self Assessment

Step 6 – Obtain the MULTIPLY Letter – Confirmation of Availability of Infrastructural Resources

After finalizing the project proposal, you will send it to the Scientist in Charge at the host organization. After having read it, they will provide you the finalized ‘MULTIPLY Letter – Confirmation of Availability of Infrastructural Resources’. 

Please note, this letter that contains feedback of the availability of infrastructural resources provided by the Host Organisation will not be an expression of preference, recommendation or approval on part of the host organisation.

The submitted proposal will be reviewed by the independent Experts and the Evaluation and Selection Committee, in light of the Host Organisation statement of infrastructural alignment.

Note that as before, only one submission per applicant will be accepted.

P lease note, without this letter, your MULTIPLY Application will be considered ineligible.

MULTIPLY Letter – Confirmation of Availability of Infrastructural Resources

MULTIPLY Eligibility Criteria

Step 7 – Collect documents to evidence research experience/family status/mobility
At the time of application, you will be asked to submit several documents that will evidence your research experience, family status, mobility etc. The exact nature of the documents can vary, depending on your career history. For instance, we might require certified translations of your documents, or perhaps we might require additional clarifications concerning the nature of your employment contract. We strongly advise you to start looking into these requisite documents well in advance of the deadline. The MULTIPLY Guide for Applicants details the nature of the documents that you may be asked to provide at the time of application. You can also refer to the MULTIPLY Online Application Form Help document to get an idea of this, as it shows fields you will be required to fill at the time of application.

MULTIPLY Guide for Applicants

MULTIPLY Online Application Form Help

Step 8 – Submit your MULTIPLY Proposal
Submission of your MULTIPLY Proposal is facilitated via the Online Application Portal ExOrdo. The link for this portal will become active when the Call opens, and will remain so till the end of the Call. You can find some support documentation about the Online Application Portal in the MULTIPLY Online Application Form Help document available in the MULTIPLY Application Pack Section of the website. You can make and save changes to the details entered and also to your proposal, till you confirm your submission.

MULTIPLY Guide for Applicants

MULTIPLY Online Application Form Help

At any point when carrying out the above steps, should you require any additional assistance, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.