Evaluation and Selection

Selection into the MULTIPLY fellowship programme will be subject to the Eligibility criteria, and on the basis of the evaluation of the proposal submitted at the time of application.

Evaluation and selection workflow

Steevaluation-flowchartp 1

After the call deadline, the applications are checked for eligibility. If further clarifications are required, the MULTIPLY management team will get in touch with the applicant.

Step 2

If all eligibility criteria are met, the application and proposals are sent to an independent Evaluation and Selection Committee, who assign multiple Experts for evaluation of the proposal whilst ensuring there are no conflicts of interest.

Step 3

The applications are ranked basd on the evaluation criteria (see below), and a list of selected and rejected applicants are formed.

Step 4

Selected applicants and their host institutions are notified of the results of the evaulation. Rejected applicants are also notified, giving them the option of appeal.

Proposal Evaluation Criteria

MULTIPLY fellow selection criteria are formulated so as to identify applicants with the highest potential, which hinges on the quality of the applicant, the scientific quality of a proposal, the level of implementation, and the project impact.

All criteria are evaluated by the assigned experts on a 10-point scale to the precision of one decimal place and assigned the following weights taken into account in the final score.

The scores from the expert reviews will be averaged to provide a composite evaluation:



An appeal should be made within 10 days of receiving the rejection letter. The Appeal letter is sent by e-mail to the MULTIPLY Programme Manager. Eligible (in terms of deadline) appeals are sent by the Programme Manager to the Chair of Evaluation & Selection Committee to consider an Appeal meeting (in person or online) in due time. Decision is made by Committee and approved by the Chair. The appeal’s final decision is sent via the Programme Manager to the Applicant.