Obligatory placement periods

MULTIPLY is a training programme, ensuring an international, interdisciplinary, and inter-sectoral training (the “Triple-I” dimension) for experienced researchers. To this end, MULTIPLY will place special emphasis on hands-on expertise of working with industry.


Each MULTIPLY fellowship proposal should be so designed that the fellows within the MULTIPLY programme will

  • work closely with at least one other industrial partner outside their host organisation (1-2 month placement),
  • and in addition, will spend a dedicated period working with another MULTIPLY partner (1-3 month placement).

Plan of activities during the industrial and MULTIPLY partner placement will be designed collectively by the host institute, fellow and the placement partners. It is pertinent that all such placement periods are clearly set out in the proposal, and deviations from the proposed placement plans during the duration of the fellowship should be avoided.

 For one year fellowships only, given time constraints, we understand that it will not always be possible to incorporate the mandatory placements. If this be the case, at the time of framing the proposals, please provide a clear description as to how the project will address the Triple-I dimension mentioned above. For more information, please read the sections related to placements in the MULTIPLY Guide for Applicants.