Research and Training Framework

One of the primary objectives of MULTIPLY is to provide the fellows with a range of interdisciplinary research skills, transferable complementary skills, research knowledge, and industrial experience necessary to develop the next generation of photonic components and systems for optical networks, lasers, and a wide range of photonic devices targeting bio- and medical applications, nano-photonics, telecommunication, and sensing applications. The MULTIPLY Research and Training framework will cater to this end, establishing an academic mentorship and support system for each MULTIPLY fellow, and also help advance their scientific and complementary skill set via Individual training schemes, and Programme-wide training activities.

Each MULTIPLY fellow will have a designated senior academic mentor, as well as a personal tutor (a supervising academic), both of whom will play an important role in day-to-day technical interactions. The mentor, along with the personal tutor will supervise the scientific work and the international links of the fellow within the MULTIPLY programme to provide broad knowledge of photonics and its applications across different sectors.

The MULTIPLY fellow will have the opportunity of acquiring specialized training in core scientific areas, and also in complementary skills at the respective institutes.

Furthermore, the MULTIPLY Programme Co-ordination team will organize Programme-wide training activities in the form of workshops and summer-schools, where lectures will be given by world-leading academics and industry representatives on state of the art technologies and developing trends.

MULTIPLY will organize 5 workshops, 2 summer schools, and subject-focused flexible training events. The first MULTIPLY workshop was held in the Lake Como School of Advanced Studies, Sept 25-29, 2017.

For more detailed information about the MULTIPLY Research and Training Framework, click here.

Please refer to this document when consulting with your host institute during the preparation of sections of the MULTIPLY proposal pertaining to research, training, dissemination and career development objectives.