MULTIPLY Eligibility Check

Please use the following online questionnaire to check your eligibility for award of MULTIPLY Fellowship.

Full details of the eligibility criteria for the award of the MULTIPLY Fellowship are provided in the MULTIPLY Guide for Applicants, and it is on the basis of these that the eligibility of the candidate will be finally decided. If after completing the questionnaire, you still remain unsure about your eligibility, please refer to the Guide for Applicants, or contact the MULTIPLY Programme Manager using the Contact form on the website.

Please note that the Reference Date for Call 2 is the 1st of January 2018, and all eligibility criteria will be verified with respect to this date.

Before beginning, please have the following information available

  1. the country of your desired host organization,
  2. the date (or envisioned date) of award of your PhD degree, or
  3. the extent of Equivalent Research Experience till the Reference Date, and
  4. if you are going to a Third Country host organization, your EU/AC  Long-term residency status (see Section 8 of the Guide for Applicants).