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Dr. Katarzyna Krupa successfully completes her MULTIPLY Fellowship

We are happy to announce that MULTIPLY Fellow Dr. Katarzyna Krupa from the University of Brescia has now successfully completed her Fellowship.


Dr. Krupa received her PhD in ‘cotutelle’ between the University of Besançon (France) and the Warsaw University of Technology (Poland) in 2009. Her doctoral thesis was focused on development of new methods for MEMS/MOEMS reliability investigation. In 2010 she joined the XLIM Institute, University of Limoges (France), as a post-doctoral researcher in nonlinear optics. In 2016 she moved to the ICB Institute, University of Bourgogne, to work on mode-locked fiber lasers.

Dr. Krupa started her one-year MULTIPLY Fellowship in November 2017 in the University of Brescia Italy, under Prof. Stefan Wabnitz, in the area of spatiotemporal nonlinear dynamics in multimode optical fibres. Her works have generated new insights in the nonlinear polarisation dynamics occurring due to self-cleaning mechanisms, and also laid the foundations for better understanding the nature and the physical mechanisms responsible for the Kerr self-cleaning effect. She is the first Fellow to successfully complete her MULTIPLY Fellowship.

You can read more about Dr. Krupa’s MULTIPLY Fellowship research project BECLEAN from her research summary (here), or also from her Project Website (here).

Dr. Krupa will continue to work in allied areas of nonlinear beam propagation in multimode fibres as a researcher at the ICB Institute in Dijon.

The MULTIPLY Team congratulates Dr. Krupa on the successful completion of her MULTIPLY Fellowship, and wishes her the very best for her future endeavours!



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