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The MULTIPLY Application Checklist

With almost one month left till the deadline of Call 5, I expect a lot of you are starting to finalise your proposals, and beginning to collate your documents.

Now is a very good point in time to check if you have dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s.

Here’s a very short checklist that will help you get started. This is by no means exhaustive, but hopefully it will serve as a resource for flagging any unfinished tasks you still have to get too.

So, get cracking!


Detailed CV

Is your CV detailed enough for the Management Committee to understand and assess your alignment with the MULTIPLY eligibility criteria? The clearer this is to interpret, the faster the Management team can approve your application for Evaluation.


Identity document

Is your identity document up to date and recent? Does it cover the mobility period for the Call?


MULTIPLY Research and Training Framework

Does your proposal make explicit reference to the MULTIPLY Research and Training Framework, and specify the codes of the training packages you intend to take?



If your Fellowship is longer than 1 Year, you have to include mandatory secondments. Check the link –


Gantt Chart

Do your planned activities map to those indicated on your Gantt Chart?


Research experience documentation

Do you have your PhD certificate handy? Or, if you are demonstrating research experience, have you approached the relevant offices to procure these letters? Paperwork takes some time to come through, so start early!


Mobility documentation

How are you going to show that you satisfy the mobility criteria for eligibility? For instance, have you requested the requisite dated employment certificates from your current and past organisations? Have you scanned your payslips? Check the MULTIPLY Guide for Applicants for more information on the type of documentation required.


Confirmation of Infrastructural resources

Do you have the letter of confirmation of availability of infrastructural resources from your host organisation?


Family status

To avail the family allowance component, you would need to submit appropriate proof. Check the MULTIPLY Guide for Applicants for more information.



Are any of your certificates in a language other than English? Then you would need to submit their certified translations at the time of applying. Crucial documents are your PhD certificate and related research experience qualifying documentation, and documents like marriage certificates.



Have you read the H2020 Ethics Self-assessment guide? Have you included appropriate explanation in your proposal how you would be handling potential ethical issues?


Check, double check, and apply!

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