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MULTIPLY Researcher Nand Meena shared the secrets of working during the lockdown

Lockdown is not only impacting the research process but also the mental and physical wellbeing. In this situation, being healthy and mentally very strong are the most important things to consider.

It is though challenging to create a work culture at home. However, it would be great to make an online community and spend some time with colleagues/friends, with a cup of coffee or tea.

In the absence of resources required for your research, a contingency plan can help. It is a good idea to make a priority list and divide tasks into two broad categories when working from home:
i) tasks that can be completed and delivered from home
ii) tasks that must require campus facilities.

If possible, the reassessment and re-designing of research goals/tasks/objectives to complete by mathematical modeling and simulation could be useful.

Try to write review papers, research proposals, and develop new skills which can be possible from home. These small achievements give us happiness and strength during this difficult time.


Meena Nand