Optical frequency comb (OFC) technology is based on a source whose spectrum is a discrete array of equally spaced narrow laser lines, giving the opportunity to revolutionize a range of fields including metrology, optical telecommunications, and high-resolution spectroscopy. In addition to traditional mode-locked lasers, nonlinear resonators,or waveguides exploiting either second or third order effects have shown great development in the last decades.

This workshop aims at presenting latest developments in the generation of optical frequency combs based on various approaches, and applications of this technology. The event, organized in a series of 30 min presentations will take place in Lille and will bring together over two days leading experts in the field. Note that the event will be offered as a hybrid format for participants. However invited speakers will be present in person and we encourage all that can travel, to participate in person as to engage in discussions and take part in the social events with colleagues.