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General description

Electromagnetic Fields and Photonics Group (http://nora.unibs.it/home) Nanophotonics. Main research topics: – Photonics in two-dimensional materials; – Plasmonics; – Dielectric optical antennas; – Photonic crystal and microstructure fibers; – Nonlinear optics at the nanoscale. Nonlinear Optics. Main research topics: – Optical solitons, rogue waves and shock waves; – Frequency conversion, harmonic generation; – Supercontinuum generation. Optical Communications. Main research topics: – All-optical polarization control; – Optical frequency combs; – Spatio-temporal nonlinear effects in multimode fibers; – Ultrashort pulse generation and fiber laser dynamics; – Nonlinearity compensation in optical communication systems.

The Institute is involved in the following projects.



As per COFUND guidelines, fellowship programmes will be based on individual-driven mobility, i.e., researchers will be able to freely choose a research topic fitting their individual needs.

The subject of the research project is expected to contribute to European competitiveness and to be in the general field of Photonics and/or its applications. Within these limitations, applicants can freely choose both their research topic and their host organisation, in the spirit of the ‘European Charter for Researchers’.

Contact person – Costantino De Angelis, costantino.deangelis@unibs.it

Contact person – Stefan Wabnitz, stefan.wabnitz@unibs.it

Contact person – Daniele Modotto daniele.modotto@unibs.it