Ultrafast Laser Laboratory, University of Hannover

General description

The Ultrafast Laser Laboratory at the University of Hannover focuses on applied and fundamental research in laser physics and light-matter interaction.

The investigation of ultrafast processes in nature requires the preparation of tailored light pulses with durations much shorter than the inherent dynamics of the process under test. Our Ultrafast Laser Laboratory is pursuing high-level research on pulsed lasers and their applications in many different areas of science. Our expertise in laser physics spans from the shortest pulses with single cycle durations via high repetition rate high-energy sources to terawatt peak powers.

Our laser application research addresses fundamental questions regarding light-matter interaction as well as micro machining or bio imaging. The experimental work requires a thorough understanding of the underlying physics. This is subject of the ‘virtual lab’, where theory and simulation disclose the deeper insight into the ultrafast phenomena of nature.

Website – https://www.iqo.uni-hannover.de/iqo_ultrafastlaseroptics.html

Contact person – Ayhan Demircan, demircan@iqo.uni-hannover.de

As per COFUND guidelines, fellowship programmes will be based on individual-driven mobility, i.e., researchers will be able to freely choose a research topic fitting their individual needs.

The subject of the research project is expected to contribute to European competitiveness and to be in the general field of Photonics and/or its applications. Within these limitations, applicants can freely choose both their research topic and their host organisation, in the spirit of the ‘European Charter for Researchers’.