Instituto Nacional de Astrofosica Optica y Electronica (INAOE)

General description

INAOE Instituto Nacional de Astrophysica, Optica y Electronica) is governmental research institute. It belongs to CONACyT (COnsejo NAcional de Ciencia y Tecnologia). INAOE includes 4 departments: Astronomy, Optics, Electronics, and Computing. Total number of investigators is about 100. Among them 34 investigators are in Optics Department. INAOE has M.S. and Ph.D. student programs including actually about 300 students. Scientific activity in Optics department includes Optical Instrumentation, Holographic investigations, Nonlinear Phenomena, Biophotonics, Lasers, and Fiber optics. The Optics Department has well equipped laboratories, in average one laboratory for one investigator, free internet access for most journals in the optic field, OSA, IEEE, SPIE, Elsevier, IOP and others.

Website –

Research Area 1 – Fiber optics, fiber laser, nonlinear fiber

Contact person – Dr. Evgeny Kuzin,

Research Area 2 – Biophotonics

Contact person – Dr. Ruben Ramos Garcia,

Publications of interest

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