Centro de Investigaciones en Optica

General description

The Centro de Investigaciones en Optica (CIO) is one of the most experienced in Mexico organisms, which fulfills both scientific researches in different areas of optics (including nonlinear optics, lasers, fiber optics, nano-photonics, etc.) and academic activities, viz. providing well-quality graduating (master & doctorate) programs. In the recent years, the CIO becomes as well extensively involved in diffusing the knowledge to the local industry. It’s now participating in many international collaborative programs, both in education and scientific research.

Website – http://www.cio.mx

Research Area 1 – fiber lasers

Contact person – Alexander Kir’yanov, kiryanov@cio.mx

Research Area 2 – fiber optics, sensing

Contact person – Yuri Barmenkov, yuri@cio.mx

Research Area 3 – nano-photonics

Contact person – Elder De La Rosa, elder@cio.mx