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Spatiotemporal light-beam compression from nonlinear mode coupling

Krupa, A. Tonello, V. Couderc, A. Barthélémy, G. Millot, D. Modotto, S. Wabnitz, „Spatiotemporal light-beam compression from nonlinear mode coupling”, Physical Review A 97, 043836, 2018

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevA.97.043836


We experimentally demonstrate simultaneous spatial and temporal compression in the propagation of light pulses in multimode nonlinear optical fibers. We reveal that the spatial beam self-cleaning recently discovered in graded-index multimode fibers is accompanied by significant temporal reshaping and up to fourfold shortening of the injected subnanosecond laser pulses. Since the nonlinear coupling among the modes strongly depends on the instantaneous power, we explore the entire range of the nonlinear dynamics with a single optical pulse, where the optical power is continuously varied across the pulse profile.

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