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5 tips for writing a good Expression of Interest letter

The Expression of Interest (EoI) portal is the first point of contact between you the applicant, and the Host Organization. The Portal automatically redirects your Expression to the Host organization of your choosing. It also keeps the MULTIPLY management team in the loop, so that they can help you should the need arise.

A well thought-out Expression of Interest can go a long way in creating a good first impression. Here are 5 tips to make the best of the features the Portal offers.




Check whether you are eligible, first!

Read the eligibility criteria, and ensure that you will be eligible to apply with the Host organization of your choosing. This will save a lot of time and effort for both you and the Host.




Indicate your Research Idea

Within MULTIPLY, applicants are expected to bring in their own research idea and write their proposal independently, without any scientific inputs from the host organization. so highlighting in the EoI what you want to do  is a good start. The Host organization can then give you adequate feedback on the infrastructure available for successful implementation of the proposed research, based on which you can decide whether you want to apply with them.




Make use of the Upload feature on the Portal

The EoI portal allows you to upload a small PDF file (<5 MB). Here you can include any document you deem suitable – CV, certificates, even a small project plan. Make use of this feature to highlight your strengths as an independent researcher!




Target ONE host at a time

While it is tempting to reach out to all Host organizations via the Portal, your EoI will be most effective if it is focussed and targeted at ONE Host organization of your choosing. When stating your research idea, think about the Host organization you are applying to, and structure your EoI accordingly. This would help the Host in understanding your research goals and giving you focused feedback.




There is no pre-selection, so choose your Host wisely!

Remember, within MULTIPLY, there is no form of pre-selection – the decision to apply with a Host organization rests solely with you. So, if you write to multiple host organizations indicating you would like to apply with them, all of them might say yes! But as you can make only one application per Call, communicate with a Host organization who can best help you execute your research idea and achieve your research goals.


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