Universite de Mons, Belgium


General description

UMONS was created in 2009 by merging of the Universite Mons-Hanaut (UMH) and the Faculte Polytechnique de Mons (FPMs). The latter is a Belgian Institute of Engineering located in Mons, Belgium. The SET/FPMs (Service d’Electromagnetisme et de Tйlecommunications) department has more than 30 years of accumulated expertise in the fields of optical fiber transmission and of telecommunication systems. Research activities cover fundamental studies, but also metrology of advanced telecom devices, fiber lasers and amplifiers, optical signal processing, sensing and biosensing.

Website – http://portail.umons.ac.be/FR/universite/facultes/fpms/recherche/GR_SER/SERV_ELEC_TELECOM

Research Area 1 – New Laser Technology

Contact person – Andrei FOTIADI, Andrei.Fotiadi@umons.ac.be

Research Area 2 – Sensing

Contact person – Marc WUILPART, Marc.Wuilpart@umons.ac.be

Research Area 3 – Biomedical Photonics

Contact person – Christophe CAUCHETEUR, Christophe.Caucheteur@umons.ac.be

Publications of interest

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