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The main research topics in the MOE Key Laboratory of Weak Light Nonlinear Photonics in School of Physics of Nankai University include nonlinear optics, quantum optics, metamaterials: design, optical properties and their applications, vectorial optical field, lattice optics, fiber optics and growth of various optical materials such as lithium niobate crystal, and the research topics in this project include quantum nonlinear optics, micro-resonators, fiber optics in my group (Prof. Guoquan Zhang) and metamaterials and lattice optics in Prof. Jingjun Xu’s group. The laboratory is well equiped with various laser sources – from single frequency continue wave laser to fs laser, various spectrometer including confocal Raman spectrometer and time-resolved luminescence spectrometer, crystal growth facility, waveguide/fiber coupling and alignment system, nano/micro structure fabrication and characterization systems such as FIB, AFM and SEM systems.

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Research Area 1 – Laser Technologies

Contact person – Guoquan Zhang,

Research Area 2 – Nanoscale & Integrated Photonics

Contact person 2 – Guoquan Zhang,

Research Area 3 – Emerging Photonics Applications

Contact person – Guoquan Zhang,

Publications of interest

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  • Jie Wang, Fang Bo, Shuai Wan, Wuxia Li, Feng Gao, Junjie Li, Guoquan Zhang and Jingjun Xu, “High-Q lithium niobate microdisk resonators on a chip for efficient electro-optic modulation”, Opt. Express 23, 23072 (2015).
  • Ligang Huang, Jie Wang, Weihua Peng, Wending Zhang, Fang Bo, Xuanyi Yu, Feng Gao, Pengfa Chang, Xiaobo Song, Guoquan Zhang, and Jingjun Xu, “Mode Conversion in a tapered fiber via a whispering gallery mode resonator and its application as add/drop filter”, Opt. Lett. 41(3), 638 (2016)
  • Wending Zhang, Wei Gao, Ligang Huang, Dong Mao, Biqiang Jiang, Feng Gao, Dexing Yang, Guoquan Zhang, Jingjun Xu, Jianlin Zhao, “Optical heterodyne micro-vibration measurement based on all-fiber acousto-optic frequency shifter”, Opt. Express 23(13), 17576 (2015)
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