Optical Fiber Technology Research Laboratory

General description

Optical Fiber Technology Research Laboratory (OFT Lab), is one of the most distinguished research groups in University of Electronic Science and Technology of China(UESTC), which is located in a leisure city Chengdu, Sichuan, China. We are devoted to research and development of optical fiber sensing devices and systems and grows quickly recently. Right now this group has been selected as the Innovation Team of Ministry of Education of China (PCSIRT, IRT1218), and the 111 Innovation Base for Exchanging (111 Project, B14039). Under the strong supports of national “985 Project” and “211 Project”, more than 20 million RMB has been invested and its research platform has been developed into one of the most famous optical fiber technology research centre which focuses on advanced optical fiber technologies such as Laser micro-fabrication, sensor manufacturation, Micro/Nano structure characterization testing, sensor and device testing and so on. This research center is also supported by a number of national scientific research projects, such as Major Project of National Science Foundation of China and National 863 Project; and has been awarded the Natural Science Award and Technology Invention Award of Ministry of Education of China, and Technology Invention Award of Chongqing. Until now, this group has published more than 300 papers, of which more than 150 papers were indexed by SCI, and has more than 30 patents authorized. Generally speaking, these achievements have made this group become one of the world leading optical fiber technology research center.

Website – http://www.oftlab.com/en/

Research Area 1 – Optical Fiber Sensing

Contact person – Zinan Wang, znwang@uestc.edu.cn

Research Area 2 – Random lasers

Contact person – Han Wu, wuhan_1990@hotmail.com

Resarch Area 3 – Optical Fiber Devices

Contact person – Yuan Gong, ygong@uestc.edu.cn

Publications of interest

  • Long-distance fiber-optic point sensing systems based on random fiber lasers
  • Ultra-long phase-sensitive OTDR with hybrid distributed amplification
  • High power random fiber laser with short cavity length: theoretical and experimental investigations
  • Third-order random lasing via Raman gain and Rayleigh feedback within a half-open cavity
  • Phase-sensitive optical time-domain reflectometry with Brillouin amplification