Institute for Complex Systems

General description

70 researchers, interdisciplinary research on photonics and complex systems, laboratories on nonlinear optics, laser physics, 3D tracking of particle trajectories as in bird flocking and staminal cells, soft-matter

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Research Area 1 – Complexity

Contact person – Claudio Conti,

Research Area 2 – lasers

Contact person – Neda Ghofraniha,

Publications of interest

  • A. Armaroli, C. Conti, and F. Biancalana, “Rogue solitons in optical fibers: a dynamical process in a complex energy landscape?,” Optica, vol. 2, iss. 5, p. 497, 201
  • A. Cavagna, I. Giardina, T. S. Grigera, A. Jelic, D. Levine, S. Ramaswamy, and M. Viale, “Silent flocks: constraints on signal propagation across biological groups,” Physical review letters, vol. 114, iss. 21, 2015
  • E. DelRe, F. Di Mei, J. Parravicini, G. Parravicini, A. J. Agranat, and C. Conti, “Subwavelength anti-diffracting beams propagating over more than 1,000 rayleigh lengths,” Nature photon, 2015
  • N. Ghofraniha, I. Viola, F. Di Maria, G. Barbarella, G. Gigli, L. Leuzzi, and C. Conti, “Experimental evidence of replica symmetry breaking in random lasers,” Nat comms, p. 6058, 2015
  • N. Gnan, E. Zaccarelli, and F. Sciortino, “Casimir-like forces at the percolation transition,” Nature communications, vol. 5, 2014