General description

IESL is an established internationally-recognized Research Institute, with personnel of ~200 members. IESL possesses research infrastructures of international standards and unique within Greece

Website –

Research Area 1 – Multiphoton Lithography

Contact person – Maria Farsari,

Research Area 2 – laser materials processing

Contact person – Maria Farsari,

Publications of interest

  • Kenanakis, G. et al. A three-dimensional infra-red metamaterial with asymmetric transmission. ACS Photonics 2, 287–294 (2015).
  • Sakellari, I. et al. Diffusion-Assisted High-Resolution Direct Femtosecond Laser Writing. ACS Nano 6, 2302-2311 (2012).
  • Selimis, A., Mironov, V. & Farsari, M. Direct laser writing: Principles and materials for scaffold 3D printing. Microelectronic Engineering 132, 83-89 (2015).
  • Kabouraki, E. et al. Redox Multiphoton Polymerization for 3D Nanofabrication. Nano Letters 13, 3831-3835(2013).
  • Giakoumaki, A. N. et al. Architecting three-dimensional ZnO nanorods. arXiv preprint arXiv:1603.07968 (2016).