Hong Kong Polytechnic University

General description

The Photonics Reserach center at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University conducts academic research as well as industrial collaboration projects in various areas of Optics and photonics including long-haul and short reach communications, optical fiber sensor technologies, specialty optical fiber for new optical functionalities and biosensing and other novel optical devices

Website – http://www.polyu.edu.hk

Research Area 1 – Optical Communications

Contact person – Prof. Alex Wai, alex.wai@polyu.edu.hk

Research Area 2 – Optical fiber-based sensing

Contact person – Prof. Chao Lu, chao.lu@polyu.edu.hk

Research Area 3 – Advanced fibers and optical devices

Contact person – Prof. Hwa-Yaw Tam, hwa-yaw@polyu.edu.hk

Publications of interest

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