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Institution background

FEMTO-ST is a joint CNRS-University Bourgogne Franche-Comte research institute that carries out both fundamental and applied research in many fields of physics including optics, acoustics, robotics, automatics, time-frequency metrology, mechanics, energy storage. Typically 50% of the operation budget is provided by industrial contracts, and the institute has spun-off a number of start-up companies in recent years. Found in 1963, the Optics Department of FEMTO-ST carries out research in nonlinear optics and dynamics, ultrafast optics, nanophotonics, plasmonics, quantum optics, reservoir computing and cryptography, and fiber-based optical technologies. The Optics and Photonics research group consists of 27 permanent staff and typically graduates 25 PhD students/year.

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Key research areas

Nonlinear optics – Thibaut Slyvestre,

Ultrafast optics – John Dudley,

Key publications

Beugnot JC, Lebrun S, Pauliat G, Maillotte H, Laude V, Sylvestre T, Brillouin light scattering from surface acoustic waves in a subwavelength-diameter optical fibre, Nature Communications 5, 5242 (2014)

Dudley JM , Genty G, Coen S, Supercontinuum generation in photonic crystal fiber, Reviews of modern physics 78 (4), 1135

Wetzel Benjamin, STEFANI Alessio, Larger Laurent, Lacourt Pierre-Ambroise, Merolla Jean-Marc, Sylvestre Thibaut, Kudlinski A., Mussot Arnaud, Genty Goëry, Dias Frédéric et Dudley John Michael, “Real-time full bandwidth measurement of spectral noise in supercontinuum generation, Scientific Reports, 882, (2012)

Kibler B et al.The Peregrine soliton in nonlinear fibre optics, Nature Physics 6, 790-795 (2010)

JM Dudley, C Finot, DJ Richardson, G Millot, Self-similarity in ultrafast nonlinear optics, Nature Physics 3 (9), 597-603 (2007).